Putting My Whole Heart In

By Eli Gerzon

There's a few things I can do with all of me
Like running, eating, kissing, and dancing
If you're gonna do these things you might as well do 'em right!
And every once in awhile, I do
With all my heart I execute these Gifts of life
Showing my thanks by doing them fully
And not to say I do it better than anyone else:
If enough heart is put into something it's beyond compare
It just is and... it's just beautiful

But once the song's over or the race is done
I'm just me again:
Scared shitless
Living heartless
Terrified of investing myself
In something or someone else
What if the return is bad?
What if I lose a lot of... yeah, money?
What if I put my whole heart in
And don't get much out?
I ain't puttin' a cent down
'Till I know what this is all about

But that's a lie; it ain't true
I want to put my heart in all times: I truly do
But like I said I'm frightened
But... that's okay it makes life more excitin'?
If beforehand I can accept the pain; embrace it
That way I can tolerate it when I inevitably face it
And most importantly I can step forward without anxiety
To the cliff of mediocrity, half-ass attempts, nothingness, and pointlessness
I'm gonna Jump

All right so I am scared: I'm gonna jump anyway
With my arms and heart wide open I throw my soul forward
Everything grows, strength power pain faith wings
Flowing in and between the wind... I'm everywhere everything
Soaring left and right, up and down
I am flying