Talking with Peter Kowalke — veteran interviewer Peter Kowalke shares powerful stories about college and being an unschooler in a "schooled society" (eligerzon.com exclusive)

Grown Without Schooling: Chatting with Eli Gerzon — interview by Peter Kowalke from Life Learning Magazine Jan./Feb. 2008

Putting My Whole Heart In — poem written in teen years rediscovered and surprisingly pertinent

Lookin' for a Test — rap first delivered at Rethinking Education Conference 2007

To Swing in a Tree and From Bullets be Free:
Why I Left School
— article first published for AHEM: Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts

Whole Education Without Getting Schooled — rap poem first delivered at Whole Education Conference 2002

On the Importance of Whole Soul Safety or the Real Reason to Rise-Out of School — speech delivered spring of 2002 at Whole Education Conference