Worldschool Stories: Selling My Books at the Northeast Unschooling Conference

I put together a couple small books for the Northeast Unschooling Conference that include writings about unschooling, homeschooling and travel tales from around the world entitled: Worldschool Stories.

One book includes the first rap/poem I performed, “Whole Education Without Getting Schooled”, my first speech One the Importance of Whole Soul Safety or The Real Reason to Rise-Out of School, and my first travel newsletters from Europe and Japan, 2002-2004, and the article I wrote called: To Swing in a Tree and From Bullets be Free: Why I Left School.

The other packet contains my newsletters from when my travels started to take on a lot more meaning to me starting in South Korea in 2005 until the end of 2008 after I gave my first Worldschool Travel Tour. There’s also an interview Peter Kowalke did of me about the significance of that time period of my young adult years.

I’ve noticed online that people almost never read through a bunch of my newsletters on their computer. But the few people I have given this kind of paper copy to, told me it read surprisingly well as a flowing narrative. One friend said he read them all in one sitting. So I think it’s a different experience reading it on paper and people will enjoy them.

Also, what’s especially interesting for is seeing how much my writing and myself have changed over the years. Some of my earlier writing I’m embarrassed about! But I am really thankful I chronicled the experiences I was having at those times in my life.

And my early writings on homeschooling, unschooling, and deciding to leave school are probably my favorite. I’d just think it would be really cool if someone was inspired enough to hand the packet off to someone they know who is interested in or even skeptical of homeschooling or unschooling.

Anyway, I’m selling each for just $5, both for $10. I’ll be at the Untrepreneurial Fair when I can over the weekend.

It’s been my dream to write and sell books. This is a humble start to that dream but I hope people are interested in them.

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  1. ~claudia says:

    Eli: Just read the text of your speech on Whole Soul Safety, and the poetry of your words and storytelling truly moved me. Thank you.

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