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First week in Honduras: San Pedro Sula, Tela, and Utila

Eli Gerzon writes about his first day in Honduras in San Pedro Sula, Tela on the Caribbean coast, and Utila on the Bay Islands. He visits the Guamilito Market, eats baleadas, and sees women make tortillas. He stay at Los Molinos B&B, a cheap hotel in San Pedro Sula down the street from the “very American” City Mall.

An unschooler/worldschooler goes to Spanish school

Earlier this week on a whim I decided to post my “status” on Facebook as: “Eli Gerzon is taking a Spanish class: maybe he’s been overreacting about this whole school thing the last 10 years.“ That got a surprising number of comments! Most were from people not in the unschooling scene (I wonder if my […]

Pre-Semana Santa Procession with Alfombras in Jocotenango

Semana Santa procession, procesion, Easter celebration, from Jocotenango to Antigua, Guatemala. Amazingly beautiful “alfombra” (carpet) art on the street. The power of festivals in Latin America, America Latin.

View of Antigua from a police motorcycle

I mentioned in the last post how it’s difficult to fit everything into a monthly travel newsletter. I arrived in Guatemala on Wednesday night, have been here for only four days and I can’t fit it all in this post, so I’ll spread it out in the next few.  Honestly, I haven’t exactly been seeking […]

In Antigua, Guatemala: my first post!

I’ve begun another journey around Central America: I landed in Guatemala City Airport at 9pm on Wednesday night and am now writing from my hostel in Antigua. I’ll be in the area for the next two months: not coming back until winter’s really over this time! I’ve thought about writing a blog for years. I’ve […]

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