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Freedom, Healing, and Unschooling

Eli Gerzon talks about how he used the freedom he had with unschooling/homeschooling when he left school, to do all kinds of emotional and spiritual healing work. We can’t have freedom or be free if we have wounds that need tending to. He refers to the website Family Healing Institute, by Venus Taylor an African-American, unschooling/homeschooling mom in Boston. Eli Gerzon quotes Venus Taylor and expresses his own gratitude and thanks to all who have helped them heal.

Pre-Semana Santa Procession with Alfombras in Jocotenango

Semana Santa procession, procesion, Easter celebration, from Jocotenango to Antigua, Guatemala. Amazingly beautiful “alfombra” (carpet) art on the street. The power of festivals in Latin America, America Latin.

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