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The Confederate Flag is Covert Aggression and Bree Newsome is a Hero

I’ve been finding psychological concepts helpful in understanding societal issues including racism. The Confederate Flag is a perfect example of covert aggression. And Bree Newsome‘s act of civil disobedience is a heroic act confronting it. Covert aggression is an aggressive act done in away to cover up the aggression (which I wrote about in my last post). The […]

Messages from Occupy Wall Street Via Slogans and Chants from the October 15th March

Occupy Wall Street began one month ago and this Saturday, October 15th, 2011 there were marches in cities all over the world in solidarity with it. I went to the march in Boston and it was an amazing experience. People really want to know exactly what is the protesters’ message. I thought the chants and […]

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