My blog has moved to!

My WordPress blog and my website have merged together! All the content form my blog, including comments and everything, can be found now be found at:

You can go to directly to that address or just go anywhere on the site and click on the new “Blog” tab in the middle of the other tabs.

If you’ve been kind enough to link to my old blog address or have my feed in your blogroll it’d be awesome if you could change the feed/address to:

Also, you can still see my Twitter updates on the top left by visiting the blog. I usually do several Tweets a day with interesting quotes and new cool links I’ve found, usually unschooling related but many other subjects as well.

I was very skeptical about Twitter for awhile and I still have mixed feelings talking about it! But I have found it’s great for sharing quotes and cool links and much better than Facebook for connecting with new people with common interests: met some great people through it.

And I have to give credit: after a bad of experience with hiring some random person from over seas, I hired a friend from overseas: Alaric King. He did a great job copying the original design and does amazing graphic, video, and web work (also designed my past travel brochures):

Perry Kroll an old grown unschooler friend of mine who designed the original site and changed the tabs on to include “Blog”. Perry does wonderful graphic, video, and web work as well:

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